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July 10, 2014


Dear Patient,

Mississippi Spine Clinic will be closing its doors effective July 14, 2014. Doctor Senter is relocation out of the Jackson area, and Doctor Barrett will be retiring.

Arrangements have been made to transfer your medical record and x-rays to the Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Clinic (MSMOC). They will provide access to your patient file and x-rays with the appropriate signed release. Their medical record request line is (601) 949-9108. Their website is: www.msmoc.com

Doctors Graham Calvert and J.R. Woodall at the MSMOC are well-trained and qualified spine surgeons who will have access to your records and will be available for continued care. If you choose to see another physician, MSMOC will assist you in transferring a copy of your medical records and x-rays.

It has been an honor to serve your medical needs over the years.


J. Patrick Barrett, M.D.       Bruce S. Senter, M.D.

Welcome to Mississippi Spine Clinic. We are a comprehensive total spine care facility offering a wide range of treatment services for all kinds of back and spinal conditions and injuries. Our specialists focus on the treatment of these disorders using the most sophisticated technologies and techniques.
From simple sprains to complex disorders, our physicians have the expertise and training to properly investigate and treat your ailment. From diagnosis to recovery, we will be there every step of the way, providing you personalized service with caring attention.
Some of our areas of expertise include the following:
If you have any questions about what our experts can do for you, please don’t hesitate in calling us at 601-982-7811 or toll free at 800-960-7811.